Dyson Big Ball Vacuums – Let’s Choose the Best Tool for Your Home

There are a lot of vacuum cleaners out there that are aimed to be easy in use, but are they efficient too? The new Dyson v11 Stick Vacuum and Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor canister vacuum are the examples of vacuums that have both characteristics and can please the consumer with lifetime durability and crazy suction.

Dyson v11 has some innovations that other vacuums can not even dream about. First of all, this machine is intelligent enough to understand what surface it is cleaning. It has three regimes of work: economical, automatic and maximal. The developers knew that people can use maximum power forgetting to switch, as a result, the battery runs down faster. With the automatic regime, no worries may occur as this obedient servant ‘thinks’ on its own.

Dyson also increased battery power by 20%. Although that significant change did not make the vacuum work autonomously longer, it made its sucking ability unprecedented. The following Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum review  will give you more details on that advantage.

LCD-screen right in front of the user’s eyes – is another addition. With that display, the owner can control the use of the battery, see the percentage of power left and also switch between different power regimes. Guess what else? It even informs the user about blockage in the pipe or any other spot of the mechanism and provides instructions on how to cope with that problem.

Unlike Dyson Ball Multi Floor canister vacuum, v11 has no twists and turns, providing direct air passage through the vacuum.

As any Dyson vacuum of the new generation, this one uses cinetic technology. It has 14 cameras inside that crush particles into microscopic dust. Another peculiarity is the reusable filter and container. No need to replace dust bags every month – just empty the container and continue cleaning.

Dyson v11 is also rich for accessories. The most universal nozzle comes with two rows of bristles – soft and stiff. Although it can cope with almost all obstacles, there is still a number of other nozzles in complect.

What Is the Difference Between Dyson V11 And Big Ball Line?

It is worth admitting that the representatives of the Big Ball have similar designs with differences in colors. Some may think that its sci-fi ball form is a gimmick, but, actually, its main function is to add maneuverability. Yes, the vacuum can seem quite heavy – approximately 7,9 kg, but the weight is distributed reasonably. Such a sensible and practical design decision is what makes it pick itself up.

Naturally, the name of each machine speaks for itself. The Dyson Ball Multi Floor canister is purposed to clean a wide variety of surfaces, while Dyson Cinetic Animal canister is created for pet owners to end their struggles with pet fur. And the Musclehead is a universal classical model, suitable for routine household purposes. Despite these slight differences, all three of them work flawlessly, being perfect house helpers.

Many customers noticed that Dyson canister vacuums’ capacity is not enough to carry out a full-fledged cleaning. The animal has 42 gallons of volume, while the Musclehead and Multi-floor have 47 gallons. The developer tried his best to eliminate that downside, however, Dyson vacuums suck in so much dust, that even increased volume is not enough.

The difference also lies in accessories. The basic complect of tools is a carbon fiber floor tool, combination tool, quick-release tool, quick-release stair tool. The animal canister also comes with carbon fiber turbine head, that has stiff nylon bristle that can eliminate even old and stubborn dirt and tangle-free turbine tool for pet hair. The Multi-floor has a dusting brush.

Which one is better: Dyson canister vs upright? Canister vacuums have their motors placed in a separate room, making the machine lighter, quieter and more powerful. They can get into tricky cracks and crevices, vacuum stairs easily and have retractable cords. Upright vacuums, however, are easier to store and empty, more suitable for large areas.

How to Clean Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Canister?

Dyson canister can work with dusty filters for a lifetime. But, it is common knowledge that taking care and embracing love for white goods is what makes them durable. Thus, cleaning is obligatory, even though the process is so primitive, in a positive way, that it does not even count.

Every time the dirt in the container reaches the mark ‘Max’ the time has come to empty it. Press the red catch to shake out the dirt. Wipe it with a dry cloth. Reassemble the vacuum.

Keep in mind that neither the container nor filter is required to be replaced. Filter maintenance is a rather simple algorithm: wash it with cold water, in the inner and outer side, squeeze with both hands to remove residual water and let dry for at least 24 hours.

How to clean Dyson Animal canister? The process is the same. All allergens are in the dust bin not in your lungs.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum is the perfect match for pet owners. All vacuums of that line do not lose suction due to 36 cinetic tips that crush bigger particles into microscopic dust. With the anti-tangle turbine, the hair does not clog the machine. Carbon fiber turbine head with stiff nylon bristles remove old and stubborn dirt. With 360 degrees articulation and a total reach of 5 feat pet hairs, dirt will be collected even in the unreachable places for human-beings.

Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum

The name speaks for itself. The vacuum is equipped with a pneumatic cleaner head that automatically adjusts to multiple floor types, capturing microscopic dust and allergens. This nozzle effectively excavates deeply embedded dirt. Carpets, laminate – no problem. Dyson Big Ball Multi-floor canister vacuum has the length of the hose 10 ft and cords -21 ft.

Dyson Big Ball Musclehead Canister Vacuum

This model is cheaper than others in the line but has no drawbacks compared to its ‘colleagues’. Dyson Big Ball Musclehead canister vacuum still has two-tier radial cyclones, gets back up without awkward moves, hygienically ejects the dirt, minimizing your contact with nasty dust and hairs, has supreme suction and design. It comes with Musclehead carbon fiber floor tool, quick-release tools, and quick-release stair tool.