Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Review: Is it Worth Spending Money or Not?

If you are immersed in the world of household appliances, then you are probably amazed at what is invented day after day. It would seem that soon it will not be necessary at all to strain to remove dirt in your mansion. But even today there are many tools that will facilitate the solution of your household issues and help keep your house clean and envious of everyone you know. Already familiar with Dyson handheld vacuum reviews?

If not, then at least you’ve heard of such a world-famous manufacturer as it offers the best handheld vacuum. Why is this really so? Let’s talk about this further.

This manufacturer has created a solution in the form of a handheld vacuum cleaner for those who want not only to keep everything clean but not to exert any effort. And yes, the manufacturer clearly succeeded. Let’s start in order. 

Such devices are wireless. And it means that you will not be limited in movement and will be able to get to those places that you could not reach before. Plus, you will no longer be confused in the lace and annoyed about this.

Operating time without shutdown is from 20-30 minutes depending on the model. There are series V6 and V7. Why do these models have different run times? All due to the fact that they have different engine power. The V7 Dyson handheld battery is powerful, so the models in this series offer you more cleaning time, that is, up to half an hour. Nevertheless, the Dyson handheld models do an excellent job with their main functions, that is, with cleaning. The engine is capable of providing the deepest suction of dirt for absolutely any surface. If you need to clean wool from upholstered furniture, then this is not a problem. If you want to get to the most difficult areas, then with different nozzles this is quite possible. There are also specialized tools to help deal with the cleanliness of many elements of your home.

This is by far one of the best Dyson cordless handheld vacuum to clean your car. It is not always possible to visit the car wash weekly, and you want to maintain cleanliness every day. Well, you already realized that with such a device you will not have any problems. Moreover, you can charge the device directly in your car. Or use the ground docking station Dyson.

And of course, it’s important to mention the design of Dyson cordless vacuum handheld. Everything is thought out to the last screw! The device is lightweight, the design is thought out so that the weight is evenly distributed and does not cause a feeling of heaviness and discomfort. If before cleaning was like physical education, now you will not feel tired.

Let’s Look at Difference Dyson Handheld Models

Let’s look at the main models from this manufacturer. As mentioned earlier, there are manual vacuum cleaners of the V6 and V7 series. In fact, they are largely similar both in appearance and functionality. But they have a difference in price both between series and between models. Let’s compare Dyson handheld!

Gadgets of the V6 series can work for 20 minutes when using the first mode. Accordingly, when using the second power, the operating time can be reduced to 5 minutes.

The V7 series offers a more powerful charge and provides the ability to work for 10 minutes more than the previous series. Therefore, if the operating time is fundamental for you, then you should know about these features.

As for the appearance and design, everything is very similar. In the V7 series, the cleaning effect is slightly better, but previous models are not much behind their older brother.

Which Dyson handheld to choose depends solely on your financial capabilities. Perhaps you are an ardent fan of advanced technology and buying obsolete models is not for you. Or you are not ready to spend a lot of money but want to enjoy the uniqueness of this manufacturer  -so why not try V6? In any case, with the best handheld Dyson vacuum, your house will be clean and the cleaning will go smoothly, regardless of which product you choose.

Let’s Conclude

A tool from Dyson will help you solve your everyday hardships. You can find options for your taste and even a wallet. Some models have a rather high cost, while others are available at very good prices. If your budget is limited, then it is absolutely not necessary to strive for newer models.

The previous ones do their job well and have characteristics no worse than new products. Of course, your attention is worth such an assistant for cleanliness. Allow yourself to facilitate the cleaning process and spend more time on yourself and not on the fight against dirt.